Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Colin Quinn Tweets That Will Ferrell Had a Bad Drug Problem

· I can’t quite tell whether he’s being facetious or aggressively bitter, but Colin Quinn tweeted today that Will Ferrell used to have a bad drug problem. Is he clowning? You tell me. Also in Buzz Break: Roger Moore bashes Quantum of Solace, Eddie Redmayne gets a fantastic new job, and Anderson Cooper uses his journalism powers to put the Kardashians in perspective. [ONTD] · My Week With Marilyn’s Eddie Redmayne, who might just be Cate Blanchett, is set to costar in Universal’s Les Miserables as Marius. Hugh Jackman will play Jean Valjean, Russell Crowe will play Inspector Javert, and Anne Hathaway is your new Fantine. [Deadline] · And the winner of the “Who Can Tear Down Kim Kardashian’s Marriage Best?” contest is… Anderson Cooper. [HuffPost] · Roger Moore called Quantum of Solace a “long, disjointed commercial.” Someone has a license to kvetch! [Cinema Blend] · Oscar producer Gil Cates died at 77. I hope his image will be broadcast six or seven times in the next “In Memoriam” reel. [Deadline]

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