Monday, November 21, 2011

Anthony Hopkins, Judi Dench, Kenneth Branagh Team for 'Italian Shoes'

Okay, all of us understood that 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Beginning Part 1' would be huge really the only suspense was: will it be record-breaking huge? (Early answer: Apparently not.) The larger shockers were the failure of 'Happy Ft Two' to spread out anywhere close to the levels of their smash predecessor, and also the stunning success (for any glum indie Oscar hopeful using a number of screens) of George Clooney's 'The Descendants.' 'Breaking Dawn' did break the franchise's own record because of its opening night time screening, which gained $30.25 million within the wee hrs of Friday morning (edging the $$ 30 million benchmark set by 'Eclipse'). And it is total take Friday of $72 million was the 3rd biggest single-day gross ever, behind the franchise's own 'New Moon' ($72.7 million) and 'Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows Part 2 ($91 million). Still, amounts like this must have led to a weekend total around $148 million. Rather, distributor Summit is calculating a dent at $139.5 million. That's lacking the $142.8 million franchise record set two payments ago by 'New Moon.' It is possible that word-of-mouth on that one is not as strong not surprisingly. (Only at that writing, Moviefone's own informal survey finds 'Breaking Dawn' audiences either exuberantly passionate or bitterly disappointed, with raves outnumbering pans a couple of-to-1.) It is also entirely possible that some adults and children required the PG-13 rating seriously and remained away, considering that this installment is a lot more frank, disturbing, and gory compared to first three movies if this involves subjects of sex, pregnancy, and giving birth. Now, $139.5 million is almost not a disappointment, particularly when put into overseas grosses for any worldwide debut amassing $283.5 million. Nevertheless, with several large holiday movies opening within the next handful of days, 'Breaking Dawn' is not situated in addition to it may be for that sharp dropoff prone to stop by the Christmas. Incidentally, Taylor Lautner's thriller 'Abduction' has gained an believed $27.six million up to now, grossing about just as much over nine days as 'Breaking Dawn' did when Lautner first required his shirt off throughout Friday's first screening. Nobody expected the dancing penguins of 'Happy Ft Two' to become any type of competition for to begin with, however, many commentators did expect it to compete positively using the original, which first showed at $41.5 million 5 years ago. In the end, that one had much of the identical cast, similarly striking Antarctic pictures, and three dimensional taxes going for this. Around the minus side, 5 years is really a very long time between sequels for any family movie many kids who admired the flightless fowl in those days have graduated towards the relatively chaste vampires of the underworld and werewolves of 'Twilight.' Also, the penguin craze has cooled since 'March from the Penguins' and 'Happy Feet' ruled this area office. Reviews were not as strong this time around out. Finally, the follow up faced stiff competition not only from 'Breaking Beginning,' but additionally from fellow family toon 'Puss in Boots,' still holding its very own after four days in theaters. Consequently, 'Happy Ft Two' needed to be satisfied with another-place debut believed at $22. million, about 50 % the outlet take the original loved. Last week's champion, 'Immortals,' faced a steep drop, as action epics often do on the second weekends. It lost 62 percent of last week's business and required third place by having an believed $12.3 million. (You would not think the macho 'Immortals' and also the oestrogen-heavy 'Breaking Dawn' could be competing for the similar audience, however the men who pulled their dates to determine the nasty Greek epic a week ago most likely came back the favor now for that similarly bloody birth of Bella's baby.) In ten days, 'Immortals' has made $53. million. Adam Sandler movies also typically lose half their business the 2nd week therefore it was with 'Jack and Jill,' which rejected 52 percent dropped to 4th put on believed earnings of $12. million. In 2 days, the comedy has had in $41. million. In the 4th week, 'Puss in Boots' arrived fifth by having an believed $10.7 million, lower 57 percent from last week. In four days, the 'Shrek' spinoff has gained $122.3 million. Clooney's 'The Descendants' handled to hack the very best 10 despite the fact that it is a heavy-designed grown-up movie using just 29 screens. It gained an believed $1.two million over the past weekend, meaning a massive $42,150 per venue. Include that to the earnings since its solid early opening on Wednesday, and you've got an overall total take of $1.3 million. 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Beginning Part 1' - Trailer No. 2 The entire top ten: 1. 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Beginning Part 1,' $139.5 million (4,061 screens), era 2. 'Happy Ft Two,' $22. million (3,606), era 3. 'Immortals,' $12.3 million (3,120), $53. million total 4. 'Jack and Jill,' $12. million (3,438), $41. million 5. 'Puss in Boots,' $10.7 million (3,415), $122.3 million 6. 'Tower Heist,' $7. million (2.942), $53.4 million 7. 'J. Edgar,' $5.9 million (1,947), $20.7 million 8. 'A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas,' $2.9 million (1,808), $28.3 million 9. 'In Time,' $1.7 million (1,367), $33.4 million 10. 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