Monday, June 27, 2011

Songs about being blocked by Kevin7?

So I'm still not sure if he's an idiot or just doesn't understand
English, (one of which at least could be forgivable) but apparently
after pointing out why his questions are stupid, Kevin7 has blocked

Boo hoo.

But what's totally unfair is that I have no way of keeping his
mindless questions from appearing when I visit Rock  Pop here on Y!A.

So any song suggestions for my unfortunate situation?
EDIT: Brain, sorry - I wasn't clear enough. I'm annoyed at the fact
that his drivel shows up when I visit Y!A and I can't block it...
For the majority of the rest of you, clearly sarcasm is lost... This
was meant to be funny, but I guess it went over a lot of people's
heads. But go ahead, pile on the hate!

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