Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On the show, The Voice, does anyone like Christina A.?

Okay I'm watching the show right now and I'm getting so annoyed with
Christina A. that it's just ridiculous. I just feel like typing so
that pretty much was good enough excuse to open my computer.

Anyway I was just wondering if anyone finds her as annoying as I do?
She texts during the stupid show and she thinks it's all about her,
it's about the up and coming new singers, she just has to get in the
last note and have the spotlight on her. And she seems like she's
bored while they are singing, she's a disrespectful person (I'll leave
some choice words out).
I've never liked her.
I've never really liked her hair styling, it's long and drabby (even
if that "roll out of bed" look is in, it's not on her).
I hate her.

Do you agree or am I just being weird?

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