Wednesday, September 14, 2011

James Marsden Talks 'Straw Dogs' and the skill of Remaking Classic Films

James Marsden is definitely an acting chameleon. Horror, romantic comedies, musicals, dramas, super hero fare and raunchy romps... the Oklahoma native has been doing everything, on the way creating a status among Hollywood's best men. Now, Marsden is switching gears having a remake of 1971's mental thriller, 'Straw Dogs,' which opens Friday. Not for that squeamish, the film finds his character, David, instructed to take extreme measures when he and the wife are extremely terrorized by local people. Marsden spoke solely with Moviefone about 'Straw Dogs,' remaking classic movies and becoming aggressive on the watch's screen. Hollywood likes dusting off old gems and providing them with a brand new coat of fresh paint. Inside your opinion, what comprises a great remake? Putting aside the very fact you do a remake or otherwise, you just need to set your sights on creating a good film. If one makes a great film, all is pardoned. It is dependent about the movie, I suppose. If you're remaking Gone using the Wind, you've your projects eliminate for you personally. What's most significant may be the balance of familiarity in the original, some elements which are natural within the original film that should be there, but additionally placing a modern spin onto it. When you signed on, could it have been intimidating to take on Dustin Hoffman's footwear? This is where I really hope the 4 decades will probably be on my small side. With that, I am talking about time distinction between the very first film and that one. He's pitch-perfect for the reason that movie. This is an acting miracle what he accomplished. Mike Peckinpah seen him because the villain from the piece. David may be the one coming and creating the strain, creating the conflict and stirring in the pot, revealing and being a little of the elitist. He was arrogant and condescending to his wife, yet through the finish from the film, they have everybody within their seats on his side and entertaining him on. It had been a little daunting dealing with a performance that can't be enhanced on. Rather than worrying about this, I figured I'd simply do my factor. I viewed the initial a couple of occasions before and throughout the shoot to make certain I wasn't doing precisely what he did. Did your director, Fishing rod Lurie, echo individuals same sentiments or did he permit you to uncover David by yourself? I believe he permitted me to obtain the character by myself. There have been hints of David being the villain or disrespectful towards the local people, like walking out throughout the chapel sequence. Everyone is looking for their value within this movie. David is attempting to create a script and participate in these males who're completely different than him. It exposes part of him he might feel insecure about. The truth is he isn't the alpha male and does not believe for the reason that structure. There is a smaller amount of David as being a villain within this movie and much more about coping with this group of concepts and coping with conflict inside a more aged, civilized way. I admire him for your, however it only goes to date before he's forced right into a corner and needs to fight. Referring to that, the film's poster discusses breaking points and you've got a wife and youngsters in tangible existence. For the reason that respect, could it be frightening engaging in David's mindset and considering what may potentially push you to definitely your limit? Yeah, motherhood is the one thing that may push you there. Nobody really wants to visit. You will find couple of things in existence that will push me to kill, but that is among them. To safeguard your loved ones. I am not really a believer that the animal is available within me, but when necessary, if they're in risk or threatened, then certainly. 'Straw Dogs' features some questionable moments. Could it have been vital that you keep individuals intact or would the film still have a similar impact when they were watered lower? I do not think you may make 'Straw Dogs' and never have individuals elements in position. That defines the film. Nevertheless, you will find strongly different sights on a few of the styles from the movie. In lots of ways, this can be a kick-ass feminist movie. Our leading actress isn't just seen like a sexual object. She's fierce, intense and strong. If you are planning to remake Hay Dogs, you need the balls to get it done. Did getting back together with your 'Superman Returns' co-star, Kate Bosworth, allow it to be any simpler to visit individuals dark places? Yes, which was a primary reason I arrived at to her before they began casting Amy. We have been pretty close, very good buddies, and that i understood it not just needed someone who was brave enough to defend myself against what this role required, but who had the chops to get it done. There's discuss sequels for many of the films -- 'Enchanted,' 'Hop,' 'X-Men' and 'Hairspray.' If a person could really get together, which will it be and why? I must see an 'Enchanted' follow up. That's most likely probably the most real and many spoken-about. I have had the fortune to do a couple of X-Males sequels. Nevertheless, I'd welcome that too. And Hairspray would certainly be considered a party along with a blast. 'Straw Dogs' is within theaters on Sept. 16. Photos thanks to The new sony Pictures.

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