Friday, December 2, 2011

Your Dog You have to Win an Oscar

Between Uggie from 'The Artist' -- a dog who already comes with an subterranean honours campaign opting for him -- and Cosmo from 'Beginners,' film dogs are extremely popular this season. Yet regardless of the high praise for of individuals movies, not every canines star in significantly acclaimed projects (searching to you, golden retriever from 'Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch'). Fortunately, company directors no more be concerned about which kinds of dogs make for top films -- and perhaps may help them win an Oscar. Vulture just come up with a listing from the breed of dogs that ensure the best movies, while using average Rotten Tomato plants score of every film in consideration. Arriving at No. 1 having a score of 74.8 ... the Jack Russell Terrier, that was utilized in films for example 'The Mask,' 'My Dog Skip' and also the aforementioned Oscar-y twosome of 'The Artist' and 'Beginners.' Pugs, who've starred in 'Men in Black' and 'Hotel for Dogs,' are available in at No. 2 with 72.33. Unique breeds, for example Dalamatians and Corgis, are in No. 3, with 69.4 You should check out the whole list over on Vulture. However, a suggestion to filmmakers: Avoid German Shepherd, whose 47 is a good example for No. 10. [via Vulture] [Photo: Getty] Follow Moviefone on Twitter Like Moviefone on Facebook

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