Monday, January 30, 2012

SHE launches, goes shopping

BERLIN -- Germany's ZDF Companies and Studio Hamburg have joined to make a certification and distribution partnership. The lately christened Studio Hamburg Companies, or SHE, aims to purchase rights to movies and tv content for distribution in Germany, mainly in the DVD/Blu-ray market, additionally to take advantage of the two companies' huge libraries and archive material. ZDF Companies, the commercial arm of pubcaster ZDF, and Studio Hamburg, one hundredPercent subsidiary of regional pubcaster NDR -- part of the ARD network -- may have a 50% stake inside the new company. She'll market the joint film stock of roughly 1,500 game game titles. Furthermore, it's handling DVD releases of game game titles from ARD and ZDF's current programming lineups. ZDF Enterprise's wide-different product portfolio comprises both exclusive new programs from ZDF together with a sizable stock in the company's own licenses acquired from co-productions, distribution deals together with other sources. Approaching releases are the six-part TV adaptation of Ferdinand von Schirach's best-selling book "Verbrechen" (Crime). An amount of short tales based on actual criminal cases, the DVD relieve "Verbrechen" will coincide having its TV broadcast. Roughly 120-150 new releases are planned every year. Jens Uwe Welge, Studio Hamburg's mind of home entertainment system, and Peter Lang, who runs selling and ZDF shops at ZDF Companies, assists as co-controlling company company directors in the partnership. She's situated in Hamburg and contains a branch office in Mainz, where you can ZDF and ZDF Companies. Departing comments round the new company, ZDF Companies prexy and chief professional Alexander Coridass mentioned, "We believe that we'll be capable of further strengthen our position inside the DVD market, which remains important, through getting together an experienced, high-profile partner and our personal very attractive program catalog." Peter Thiem, controlling director of Studio Hamburg Distribution and Marketing, added, "It enables us to boost our joint marketing activities highly relevant to archive programs also to acquire attractive material and licenses health club abroad." Contact Erection dysfunction Meza at

Monday, January 23, 2012

Nine selected for TV Acad professional committee

Gail Berman, Jason Kilar, Steven Lafferty, Steve Mosko and Dana Walden happen to be hired towards the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences executive committee for 2012-13 by chairman/Boss Bruce Rosenblum. Rosenblum, who had been chosen towards the publish through the Academy's board of governors in November, filled five of his six slots using the visits, authorized by the board, that also chosen Janet Bohn, Michael Olman, Lori Schwartz and Take advantage of Swartz towards the professional committee. "I could not be more happy this esteemed number of industry leaders and co-workers has decided to join the Academy's executive committee," stated Rosenblum. "I've great respect for all these professionals and feel very fortunate to achieve the chance to collaborate together together with the board of governors once we turn to expand our mission and elevate the profile from the Television Academy." Berman is co-owner and founding partner of production company Berman Braun, Kilar is Boss of Hulu, Lafferty is CAA mind of television and controlling partner, Mosko is The new sony Pictures TV prexy and Walden is, together with Gary Newman, chairman of Last Century Fox TV. Bohn is leader of Janet Bohn Management and signifies the professional reps peer group. Olman originates from the Cinema Audio Society, with respect to the seem peer group. McCann Worldgroup chief technology catalyst Schwartz will represent the interactive media peer group, while independent producer Swartz will represent the television executives peer group. Rosenblum outpolled Nancy Bradley Wiard in November's election being the greatest-ranking professional to mind the business, which presides within the primetime Emmy Honours, since that time-Wally Disney Galleries chief Richard Frank within the the nineteen nineties. Contact Jon Weisman at

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

X Factor Alumni Chris Rene, Marcus Canty, Astro Sign With Epic Records

First Published: January 18, 2012 2:01 PM EST Credit: FOX LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Caption Chris Rene, 28, performs in front of the judges and thousands of audience members on The X Factors debut episode on September 21, 2011Melanie Amaro may have landed a $5 million recording contract after winning The X Factor, but the talent competition has produced deals for several of her former competitors. Second runner up Chris Rene, as well as Top 10 finalists, R&B crooner Marcus Canty and teenage hip hop star Astro, have signed with Epic Records (also Melanies label), the imprint announced on Wednesday. Ive dreamt about this momentous moment my whole life and now its here, Chris, who made fans in his audition with his original composition Young Homie, said in a statement. Im more than honored to be an Epic artist. Working with L.A. Reid Big Homie is a dream come true. Hes a great man and I look forward to the opportunity to share my music with the world. Marcus, who held on until the final 4, narrowly beating out youngster Rachel Crow in one of the most dramatic eliminations of The X Factors first season, was also pleased with the news. He famously was given two years by his mother to make it, and was at the end of that timeline when he was brought on Simon Cowells reality show. I am very blessed and grateful to God for the opportunity to become a part of the Epic family, Marcus said. I am excited about working with my mentor L.A. Reid, and I am ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work. This is history in the making, lets go! Astro too, was involved in a dramatic elimination, when he came dangerously close to not performing for the judges, when it was the teen rapper and Stacy Francis on the chopping block. He managed to bounce back and grew a strong fan base due to his skills on the microphone. Im excited to continue my journey with L.A. Reid and his staff at the new Epic Records. The first time L.A. saw me he said Id be a star, and I cant wait to get to work and prove him right. 2011 was Dope, but 2012 is gonna be Epic, Astros statement read. All three acts were part of L.A.s team during the competition. Copyright 2012 by NBC Universal, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Monday, January 16, 2012

TV Guide Network purchase ramps up

Weeds is probably the shows offered around the TV Guide Network. Lionsgate and JP Morgan Chase & Co.'s One Equity Partners wing are walking up their efforts to locate a buyer for that TV Guide Network cabler and website. The partners have silently looked the cabler for several weeks however the purchase activity is anticipated to accelerate within the coming days. Sources near to the situation stated there's still an opportunity that certain Equity, the non-public investment arm of JP Morgan, could cash out Lionsgate's 51% stake stake or the other way around, though each side seem to be leaning toward selling it outright. A repetition for Lionsgate rejected comment Monday. The partners distributed briefing books to prospective purchasers late this past year. Anticipation would be that the purchase process could summary by March. It's unclear just how much TV Guide Network might fetch. The funnel is broadly distribbed in additional than 80 million cable/satellite houses, nevertheless its viewership remains anemic despite efforts to include original reality series and purchases of off-network fare including ABC's "Ugly Betty" and also the Lionsgate-created Showtime laffer "Weeds." Lionsgate bought the cabler and website in Feb 2009 for $255 million. By May of this year, Lionsgate had offered a 49% stake within the assets for $125 million to 1 Equity and investor Allen Shapiro, who was simply in search of TV Guide simultaneously Lionsgate made its bid. 3 years later, Lionsgate is honing its concentrate on core film and television production assets, especially around the heels of their $412.5 million purchase of Summit Entertainment. TV Guide creates positive income and can require a lot more investment to become player among general entertainment cablers. Lionsgate and something Equity make strides in coverting the funnel from the entries-focused plan to a conventional linear funnel, and they've inked new carriage pacts with key operators including Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications. The home has attracted some interest from private equity finance gamers this time around around. No majors required a run in internet marketing when TV Guide was set up available in a fire-purchase cost in 2008 at that time-owner Macrovision, so it might be an unexpected to determine them step-up now. One private shingle that could be thinking about the television Guide website is L.A.-based OpenGate Capital, which bought the television Guide print magazine in 2008. Since the assets were separate, the cabler and also the print mag have experienced separate websites, which makes it tougher for both to achieve traction with tube fans. Contact Cynthia Littleton at

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Night Out With Happy Endings

Eliza Coupe, Casey Wilson and Elisha Cuthbert Crowded into a corner booth at the Happy Ending bar in Hollywood, the stars of ABC's Happy Endings can't stop ribbing Adam Pally. "Are you dipping a nacho in ranch dressing?!" asks Damon Wayans Jr. "It's blue cheese, my man!" replies Pally as he stuffs a chip into his mouth. Pally, who plays immature Max, and Wayans, aka married metrosexual Brad - along with cast mates Eliza Coupe (Type-A Jane), Elisha Cuthbert (airhead Alex), Zachary Knighton (food trucker Dave) and Casey Wilson (perky but perpetually single Penny) - are currently feasting on success, as they've taken the failed-relationship sitcom and turned it into one of TV's quirkiest comedies. We grilled the close-knit cast about their costars, characters and overcoming the underdog label. TV Guide Magazine: Did you know each other before the show?Wilson: I knew Adam a little from NY.Knighton: Actually, Adam started a fake Twitter account as me before we even met, which was pretty awesome.Pally: No, we had met once. At the table read.Wilson: And Zach was like, "I hope somebody isn't Tweeting as me." And Adam said, "No one is...but I am now!" [Laughs]Pally: Then I gave it over to him. Damon and I met the first day we were cast at the test.Wayans: I was sitting outside waiting to go back in and I heard him doing his lines through the door. He was making me laugh.Wilson: He's funny even behind closed doors! TV Guide Magazine: What real-life traits do you bring to your roles?Coupe: There's a goofy side of me that I channel into Jane, in a nice W.A.S.P.-y package.Wayans: For me, the black part. [Laughs] No, I'm a pretty positive guy and Brad's a positive dude.Wilson: You can take this personality quiz online that tells you which Happy Endings character you are. I am obviously Brad. [Laughs]Pally: I want to take that. I wonder what kind of answers you have to give to end up being Max.Wilson: It's like, "When you wake up in the morning, do you: A) want to kill yourself, B) don't give a f---." TV Guide Magazine: This show has the fastest dialogue on TV!Pally: Don't tell that to the old people.Wilson: Yeah, my dad is always like, "I mean, I've got to tell you, it's really fast." TV Guide Magazine: How much is written and how much is improv?Coupe: We take the main structure and then, if a moment arises that works, we'll tweak that. TV Guide Magazine: What have you learned from working together?Wayans: The best thing I learned from Damon is to bring it. [Laughs] He always brings it.Cuthbert: When you get on certain projects, it's every man for himself. But here, any one of these guys will come up to me and give me a joke. Putting out your material to another actor and letting them win, that's a huge testament to having faith and confidence and love for one another. It's dynamite chemistry.Pally: Dynamite! That's so Canadian. [Laughs]Cuthbert: Yeah, eh. TV Guide Magazine: Tell us something we might not know about one of your costars....Pally: If you're doing a scene with Casey, she will grab your arm as if she's got something important to tell you. She gets your attention and then she will do her line in your face. So there is at least a three-second delay where you think, "Do you need something from me?"Knighton: There's also a weird feeling when she does it that she just might get inside of you.Pally: It pierces your soul!Wilson: To that I say this: Excuse me for trying to be a great actor.Pally: But I wonder if great actors try that hard.Cuthbert: The makeup trailer is Adam's safe haven for personal hygiene. He has a contraption that he shaves his nostril hair [with] and it's so funny.Pally: It makes my eyes water and I cry, but it brings us closer. And Elisha loves "coshtumes."Cuthbert: What? When do I say that?Wayans: When you say it, you say "coshtumes."Wilson: It's so annoying! I've got one about Zach: He is obsessed with fruit snacks.Knighton: I've got to get my vitamin C. It's the only way, otherwise I'll get scurvy. TV Guide Magazine: With the full-season pickup and growing buzz, do you guys still feel like underdogs?Pally: It still feels that way, like we're railing against something. I don't know what it is, but I hope that we always keep that [hunger].Coupe: We're all fighting together.Cuthbert: Cheers to that! It's dynamite with all those coshtumes! Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine now!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Jude Law Feels The Unwanted Effects

Just like Channing Tatum & Blake LivelyNow that he's well and truly devoted to making pharmaceutical thriller The Unwanted Effects (that has switched to its original title in the Bitter Pill), Steven Soderbergh continues to be busy collecting a cast. Also it appears like he's securing inside a Soder-newcomer and 2 veterans for that lead roles, with Blake Lively, Jude Law and Channing Tatum near to signing on.Based on the genial gang at The Playlist, Lively will probably be playing Emily Hawkins, a lady wracked with concern with the imminent discharge of her husband (Tatum) from prison. In addition to popping pills to cope with her worries, she also turns to some psychiatrist (Law) for help.This can mark Lively's very first time dealing with the director, but he's showing his trademark readiness to stay people he likes, as Tatum has become a 2-time Soderbergh star with action thriller Haywire looking for release and stripper drama Miracle Mike now in publish-production. Law, meanwhile, made an appearance in Contagion and appears pleased to keep dealing with the director.Using the latest draft from the script in hands from Contagion's Scott Z Burns and also the cast now uniting, Soderbergh can also be near to obtaining the financing sorted, as film backer Megan Ellison is apparently digging into her billion-dollar pockets to determine Effects made. Whether it all coalesces, the director will start shooting in April for any 2013 release before moving onto make Liberace biopic Behind The Candelabra as his last film before he takes his planned break from movies.Haywire is going to be out here on The month of january 18.

The Great Wife Team on Football, Romance and just how the Show Will Finish

The Great Wife CBS' award-winning drama The Great Wife was thefirst panel to market out atthestar-heavyNY Occasions Arts & Leisure Weekend earlier this Friday. One hot subject for stars Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski, Josh Charles, and executive producers Robert and Michelle King was the show's proceed to Sundays this year, which has not assisted rankings. Especially frustrating was the truth that football frequently pressed back the beginning duration of the drama - "Will football every finish?" Baranski moaned for an appreciative female-heavy audience.Also up for discussion: the romance between Alicia and can. Whenever a fan expressed disappointment over their breakup, Charles stated he thought the connection ended "properly" and stated he's happy concerning the deepening friendship between Will and both Alicia and Diane. Baranski joked that she'd just like a hot youthful love interest, while Margulies pointed out her shock in a letter she got from the disgruntled viewer who recommended they call the show The Great Slut due to Alicia's affair. "Will they watch the show? Do they already know Peter not just rested with hookers but co-workers?" she stated indignantly. (Margulies also shared they named the sex moments 'frucks.')The Nobleman says both Diane and Carey (Matt Czuchry) were initially created to become adversaries of Alicia, however they "fell for each otherInch with both figures and stars making them more likeable. That motivated a retort from Charles they should hire more "a-holes."For just how much longer the tales of Lockhart Gardner continues, Robert King stated every year "is yet another chapter in Alicia's existence. There's an ending [towards the series] in your mind.Inch Though all of them agree they'd prefer to keep trying cases for many years. Requested Baranski: "Will it have to finish?"Sign up for TV Guide Magazine now!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Kaczmarek is 'Good People'

KaczmarekJane Kaczmarek will topline the West Coast preem of "Good People," the David Lindsay-Abaire play that bowed on Broadway last season. Kaczmarek ("Malcolm in the Middle") plays South Boston native Margie, the role created by Frances McDormand on the Rialto. Production at the Geffen Playhouse will be helmed by Matt Shakman ("It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"), also the a.d. of L.A.'s Black Dahlia Theater. Kaczmarek previously appeared on Broadway in "Lost in Yonkers." Her West Coast stage credits include "In Mother Words" at the Geffen as well as area stagings of "Dinner with Friends," "Awake and Sing," "Death of a Salesman" and "Raised in Captivity." Play by Lindsay-Abaire ("Rabbit Hole," "Shrek the Musical") follows Margie as she reconnects with an old flame in the hopes of landing a new job. "Good People" is part of a Geffen season that also includes the upcoming world preem of Beth Henley's "The Jacksonian," starring Ed Harris, Bill Pullman and Amy Madigan. Further casting for "Good People" remains to be set. Show begins previews April 3 ahead of an April 11 opening at the Geffen. Contact Gordon Cox at

Exclusive: Ringer Lands Awkward's Nikki DeLoach for Sexy Role

Nikki DeLoach Awkward's Nikki Deloach has signed on for any recurring role around the CW's Ringer, has learned solely. DeLoach, who shows mom of Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards) around the MTV series, continues to be cast as Shaylene, the oft-pointed out stripper whose murder Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) observed. The wise and savvy exotic dancer is going to be seen through flashbacks. Exclusive: Ringer bosses on what's ahead following a shocking fall finale The 32-year-old actress, whose credits include Times of Our Way Of Life and Windfall, will first come in the March 6 episode. Ringer returns Tuesday, Jan. 31 at 9/8c around the CW.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sales record for 'Spider-Man'

'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark''The Phantom of the Opera'Sure, Broadway tuner "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" has endured more than its fair share of media ridicule -- but sometimes it still manages a superheroic feat.Take last week, when the show came cliffhanger-close to hitting the $3 million mark in sales from the single frame between Christmas and New Year's. Production pulled in a whopping $2,941,794 for nine perfs.It wasn't too long ago, of course, that topping $2 million was a rare feat along the Main Stem. But last week -- the high-demand holiday sesh that annually rings in as the Rialto's most profitable of the year -- the Top 10 included four shows coming in at more than $2 million each, with "Spider-Man" followed by "Wicked" ($2,712,535), "The Lion King" ($2,444,132) and "Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway" ($2,056,957). Each of the four played nine perfs rather than the usual eight, as has become common practice among shows looking to capitalize on the timeframe's tourist-boosted biz.Overall, the week left Broadway strewn with broken house records as several shows pulled in venue-best numbers, and every single production on the boards posted an increase compared to the previous week. An astonishing 18 shows logged sales of more than $1 million each.A number of factors contribute to the new swiftness with which Main Stem records are broken these days. Not only have rising ticket prices sped things along, but the advent of premium-priced seats -- which can shift dynamically based on fluctuations in demand -- also help keep grosses on the upswing.The year-end holiday week traditionally commands higher pricetags. In the case of "Spider-Man," the show offered tickets as part of special-event packages that included VIP treatment and a flying lesson on the "Spidey" set, with the top-tier option going for $1,000.Elsewhere on the Rialto, shows that broke house records included "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" ($1,910,224) -- getting an additional boost from the last-chance sales for exiting star Daniel Radcliffe -- as well as last season's Tony-sweeper "The Book of Mormon" ($1,752,601) and "Chicago" ($1,065,500), each playing nine shows.And with only eight shows apiece last week, the perennially popular "The Phantom of the Opera" ($1,579,428) broke a house record in its 23rd year on the boards. "The Addams Family" ($1,456,119), in its final week on Broadway, also topped the previous high-water mark at its own venue.Overall Main Stem cum hit $37,657,455 for 35 shows on the boards, up from the $35 million logged last year at this time. Attendance hits 321,152, down slightly from the 330,000 posted a year ago.Three productions -- "Addams," "Bonnie and Clyde" ($526,181) and "Private Lives" ($445,166) -- called it quits Sunday. The rest are bracing themselves for the annual January slump that hits the Main Stem just after the holidays, with the biggest B.O. drop heading their way this week. Contact Gordon Cox at

Monday, January 2, 2012

For foreign film, form follows dysfunction

'In a Better World'Despite all of BAFTA's efforts to level the playing field, its award for film not in the English language remains its most problematic.BAFTA's democratic voting system means that the willingness of distributors to send out screeners to all 6,500 members has a disproportionate influence in deciding the winner.Because of the prohibitive cost, voters receive only a handful of foreign films on DVD, and those titles usually end up hogging the nominations.This year's screeners will include Pedro Almodovar's "The Skin I Live In," Francois Ozon's "Potiche," Irish helmer Juanita Wilson's Bosnian drama "As if I Am Not There," Diego Luna's "Abel" and Pablo Larrain's "Post Mortem."But there are no plans to mail out such leading contenders as the Iranian Oscar entry "A Separation," 2010 Academy Award winner "In a Better World," acclaimed doc "Pina" -- or the vast majority of the 46 entered films. (In contrast to the Oscars, any film with a U.K. theatrical release is qualified to enter.)Artificial Eye is laying on screenings of "A Separation" and "Pina," and putting both films online for voters to view, but Axiom is not campaigning for "In a Better World.""As strong as titles such as 'In a Better World' are, (as) independent distributor we can't always mount full campaigns of this nature post-release, especially in the current climate," says Axiom's Nick Pourgourides. "In particular with this title, it was an especially difficult decision and not one we reached lightly."Indeed, some small distribs don't even bother to fill out the entry forms, arguing that it's too hard to get attention for foreign pics amid the deluge of awards season, with little financial upside to justify the time and expense of campaigning.Nanni Moretti's "We Have a Pope" and Joachim Trier's "Oslo, August 31" from Soda Pictures, and Jose Padilha's "Elite Squad: The Enemy Within" from Revolver, are among the critically acclaimed 2011 releases that have not even been entered for this year's BAFTA race.In the past couple of years, BAFTA has done its best to address this problem by creating a foreign chapter to decide the nominees, and by launching an online viewing platform to provide distribs with a cheaper alternative to mailing out DVDs. The 1,600 chapter members, including 275 based in the U.S., promise to make an extra effort to view as many contenders as possible.Distribs welcome these innovations, while remaining skeptical that they have yet made any significant difference.This year, BAFTA has further tweaked the rules by introducing a preliminary round of chapter voting to select a longlist of 15 titles, before the chapter picks the five nominees and then the whole membership votes for the winner. The org hopes this extra step will focus attention more effectively upon the most worthy titles, even without DVD screeners.BAFTA has also arranged for distribs to make their foreign pics available via iTunes. The academy's website carries instructions for technophobic members about how to hook their laptop up to their TV. But it's still early days for such experiments."I think serious contenders will need discs," says one awards publicist. "The iTunes thing may be beyond the skills of the members."BAFTA: DOWN TO THE WIRE:Documentaries | Foreign Films | The Orange Rising Star Award Contact the Variety newsroom at